The Covasettes: Like You – Single Review (Plus B-Side)

With Valentine’s Day becoming a distant memory, it brings the arrival of The Covasettes newest single ‘Like You’.

Stripping themselves right back ‘Like You’ isn’t as heavy as some of their other songs such as This Feeling which is, in the words of the Covas, a ‘mega’ tune to really get a crowd going.

We see a gentler, more mature sound with ‘Like You’, really focussing on the delicacies of the harmonies and glorious melody. Keeping the same upbeat and light hearted sound that flows through each Cova song, ‘Like You’ has a different atmosphere and it presents a more melancholic approach to what could have been just another love song.

By giving it this nostalgic feel they’re able to create a depth that we haven’t seen a whole lot of from the Covas, and by developing their sound it’s nice as a fan to be presented with something that reflects this maturity as a band and for Chris as a song writer.

Buxton commented: ‘Yeah (it’s) definitely different & maybe a tad on the sad side, but I think it has its place

Having the privilege to see how far The Covasettes have come already, this development comes not only in this single but transfers to their live performance as well. I saw ‘Like You’ for the first time when I’ve seen it live, and like all Cova songs, it comes across a little heavier than the online single but matches their intense and energetic stage presence.

I don’t think I could live with myself to write about ‘Like You’ without mentioning, finally, the release of She Is.

To all my OG Cova fans you’ll join me in saying that She Is has been the longest awaited and most fought for track to be released by The Covasettes. I can’t count the amount of times it’s been brought up at the gigs, at the afters, and pretty much anytime new singles are mentioned. Just last week when talking with Buxton about whether or not She Is could be released as a B-Side the response was “Dream on!”. So maybe dreams do come true?

But you can’t fight fate and after years of begging we’re given “She Is” presented as a B-Side alongside their newest tune.

Capturing that similar melancholic vibe She Is has been called “the perfect love song” and works perfectly next to ‘Like You’. Enjoy it kids, we worked damn hard for it!

The Covasettes are in the middle of their UK tour and you can grab tickets cheap as chips at a venue close to you. Links to all their social media and tickets will be down below as always.

Like You:

She Is:

Twitter: @TheCovasettes

Instagram: @TheCovasettes

Facebook: The Covasettes


Big Love,


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