Off the Bone

When you hear open mic night it’s easy to assume the lineup consists of indie wannabes and artists fresh out the womb getting a bit of practise in a pub; Urban Arts Studio’s open mic night couldn’t be any further the cliché.

Follow the West Art trail through the back alleys of st.annes square and find this cosy club opposite the numerous walls decorated by homegrown artists. Every Thursday UA becomes the meeting place of rap, rock and everything in between, and often frequented by the most talented artists our town has to offer.

After a relatively quiet night the air in the room changed as Bobby (Strange Bones) and Jess (Calva Louise) got up on bass and lead. It’s unspoken that both performers have undeniable talent both vocally and musically and the combination of the two is always nothing less than a spectacle. From just a few stragglers to a bouncing room of people in a mere few minutes of playing, the presence of this rock and roll power couple is unquestionable and proves time and time again that we’re barely at the tip of the iceberg of what Calva Louise and Strange Bones have to offer. Can we suspect a joint tour? Or album? All is a mystery for now, all I know is my name is first on the list of interested parties.

Strange Bones return to Bootleg Social tonight for another Off the Bone event, supported by the great Avalanche Party and newcomers Bonsai; a much anticipated event and a great way to start off the holiday season. Tickets are still available on the Bootleg Social Facebook page or pay on the door. Don’t miss it, you’ll regret it.

Big Love,


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