Wild- The Covasettes: Single Review

This time 2 months ago the sun was out, football was coming home and dark fruits twitter had engulfed every beer garden across the country. Now the leaves are falling, the winter coats are out and everyone’s feeling, understandably, a bit sad that we’re leaving one of the best summers any of us have ever had *sigh*.

If, like me, you’re desperately trying to cling onto even the slightest whiff of summer, then get a load of this.

Bright, boisterous, and a downright banger, The Covasettes are providing a summer anthem to get us through the winter with their newest single “Wild”.

I have to give special mention to the vocals on this one, Chris Buxton’s voice had been described as “a gift sent to us from the musical gods” but the mixture of harmonies with Jamie (bassist) and the richness of both voices is incredible and I can’t stop telling people about it. Mixed perfectly with Hewlett’s infectious riffs, and a drum beat that demands your feet to tap along; I am more than convinced that this is the best thing The Covasettes have brought out.

‘Wild’ continues with the Covas ability to create something that forces you to jump up and boogey whilst still touching on issues of heartbreak and angst. Ever developing, ‘Wild’ also has its uniqueness that’s making people fall in love. It’s happy, it’s fresh, it’s light and performed live it gets a room bopping like I’ve never seen before.

After seeing ‘Wild’ performed at Jimmys last Thursday it was evident that this could be ‘The One’; infectiously good lyrics and a care-free sound invites us into the world of someone desperate for something new and it connects each of us whether you’re heartbroken, just started uni or simply going about your life, ‘Wild’ is the song for you.

I can’t stress enough how good the Covasettes are live too, of course the singles on Spotify have been crafted to perfection but each gig has energy and flare bursting out of it, worth the £3 ticket a million times over. ‘Wild’ especially is already becoming a fan favourite and effortlessly turns the heads of everyone in the room.

Massive thank you to The Covasettes for once again giving me the exclusive chance to review their single before it’s released, I’ve been working with these guys for over a year now and have no doubt that they’ll go all the way. Big Love always ❣️

‘Wild’ will be released tomorrow (Friday 12th Oct) and can be heard on Spotify and SoundCloud. Find the links on Twitter, Insta and Facebook all @TheCovasettes

PS- Just me wondering when the album’s going to be released? Big hint.

The biggest

Big Love


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