Dreamthieves- Kryptonite: Single Review

Most newly formed bands try to find their feet in their first year, playing support shows and generally trying to get their name out there. Dreamthieves, however, have taken the plunge straight away. Forming just 6 months ago, already they have a single released on Spotify (accompanied with a music video!) with another on the way.

Their released single Kryptonite is a great song to really set the bar for the level of talent this band has. Cleverly written lyrics are hard to come by but these guys have nailed it on the head with lyrics we could expect from the likes of The Strokes.

I love the vocals on this single too, instantly hearing the grittiness of Rob Williams voice, I couldn’t help but be reminded of Oasis. A slight twinge of that Noel Gallagher gravel in the vocals really helps bring out the attitude in the chorus accompanied by some lovely chunky lead guitar.

After listening to this single only a few time I’m hooked, it’s nice to see some earthy and raw rock still being made. I love how exposed this single is and its come at a great time. Right before we hit the cold months we now have some real soul-warming rock and roll to keep us going through the winter.

I also got a chance to listen to Dreamthieves next single and without revealing too much its definitely something to keep your ears open for. Scratchy guitar tones, same smooth vocals, and a nice heavy drum beat all blend beautifully, you’re going to love it.

You can find Dreamthieves on Spotify @


Facebook @Dreamthieves

I’ve loved spending the time to appreciate this single and hope to be providing more Dreamthieves content in the near future!

As always

Big Love,


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