The Clause- Tokyo: Single Review

Duran Duran, The Streets, Led Zepplin, Peace, Black Sabbath, and Peace are just a few of the huge names to have come out of Birmingham. Next to join this list of talent is brand new alternative indie-rock band The Clause.

Since starting in 2015 these 4 young Brummies have been wowing audiences all over the place, from supporting The Pigeon Detectives at the Institute Birmingham on their 10th anniversary tour to playing at Villa Park during the games against Preston and Brentford. Not to mention the thousands of plays through Spotify these lads are racking up, with some of their best singles “Sixteen” coming in at 105,000 plays and “Golden Age” bringing in a huge 109,000 plays.

Their recent single Toyko has only been out for a couple of weeks and people are going mental for it. With over 5,000 views on their twitter music video alone, their young fans are celebrating a new wave of anthems for their youth. With comments such as “Not being funny but you’ve struck gold here #banger” and “Will never get tired of listening to [The Clause], actually class”.

‘Tokyo’ has huge pangs of Stone Roses class, cool and collective vocals stand proudly over rhythmic, almost hypnotic drum beats. The bassline is punchy and rich, and with such an intricate lead guitar over the top, the whole song is blended to perfection to create an upbeat and catchy song that caters for all our new age indie needs.

Taking inspiration from Arctic Monkeys, Catfish and the Bottlemen and Kasabian its evident that The Clause is aiming to keep that young indie sound alive. With these bands beginning to experiment and move away from the classic alternative rock, The Clause is filling that gap.

If you were gutted that the new AM album lost its themes of sex, drugs and rock and roll; then welcome to your new favorite band. These lads aren’t scared to create the music we all know and love and it seems like an album might be on the way (you heard it here first if there is!).

The lads have already had 5 hometown sellouts, including The Institue with a cap of 300 and of course supporting PD alongside Little Comets was huge for them. They’ve got 2 gigs on the way too; Monday 22nd Oct @ Hoxton Square bar and kitchen, London and Thursday 25th Oct @ Cafe Totem, Sheffield. Be sure to grab your tickets while you can from Scruff of the Neck.

You can also find both their music video for Tokyo and The Making of on their Youtube channel The Clause and The making of @ Kierans Short View.

Its great to see these lads producing so much content and playing such huge gigs, I’m more than convinced that they’re not going to struggle if they carry on the way they are.

You can follow The Clause on

Twitter: @theclausebrum

Insta: @theclause_birmingham

Facebook: The Clause

Image courtesy of @ifoughtthelaur



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