The Slumdogs- Cut the Conversation Short: Single Review

The Blackpool music scene is gritty, it’s raw and its f*cking real. With huge names like Strange Bones paving the way for young bands, they’re leaving a huge gap for hard-edged, in-your-face bands like The Slumdogs to really dominate.

A 4-piece that’s so intense it screams at you to turn and listen. Mature, oozing with flair, The Slumdogs are every punk lovers wet dream. Tunes that paint the picture of modern British life and its dark tendencies through poetic lyrics with a gritty punk accompaniment.

After already releasing two singles already, (Nightmare – highly recommend), the Blackpool lads are making a come back after 6 months on the road with their newest masterpiece; Cut the conversation short.

Officially released on 17th August through Gary Powell’s (The Libertines) Label 25 Hour Convenience store, ‘Cut the Conversation Short’ is currently premiering over on Clash Magazine, a massive achievement for such a young band, and a sign of good things on the horizon for them.

The new single is a slight change to the bands usual sound, however, it still maintains their ferocious, raw energy. A track that portrays a picture of modern day life, with tongue in cheek, witty lyrics, a thumping rhythm section and a menacing guitar hook.

Its a sound that resonates with the youth, not only of their hometown Blackpool but nationwide. My love for this is how well it echoes the classic sound of punk whilst adding in such a uniquely modern twist, and its ability to be so cheeky that we can’t help but see ourselves in each lyric.

Bobby and Co plan to follow up this release by touring relentlessly through to the new year, starting of course at a hometown gig @ Bootleg Social on the 25th of August. I’ll be there, will you?

You can follow The Slumdogs on Twitter and Insta both @theslumdogs

You can buy tickets for their gig here:

Big up the Blackpool lads,

Big Love,


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