An Artist Discussion- Archie James Trott

If you told me that I’d meet the next great artist folding napkins and setting tables for the Daily Mail at the races I would politely tell you to f*ck off.

However, you can’t deny facts.

Tall, long hair, Doc Martens and full of life, it didn’t take long for me and Archie to get talking about all things art and music.

At just 19, Trott is an art student at Blackpool and the Fylde College and in Septemeber will be going to Man Met to study Fine Art. Not only this but he is also a roadie for the brilliant Blackpool band “The Slumdogs” (keep your eyes peeled for more on them soon), which tells you a lot about him.

Trott’s work is in the main monochrome and uses multimedia to create texture, image, line, and text to create pieces that have a hint of collage overlapping scenes and portraits in an abstract twist.


Recently I read “Widow Basquiat” and I found myself making massive connections between Trott’s work and Basquiat’s. Both of which focus on the feeling behind the piece, a much more conceptual approach. Neither seem to care whether the piece is technically correct. The composition is irrelevant if they don’t feel it.

As a viewer this allows you to make the piece your own, the lines represent your own feelings, the markings represent anything you want. This kind of work doesn’t confine the viewer to only admire the artist but instead allows us to be a part of the process. It almost invites us in to continue the piece, its rawness suggests a never-finished piece, something that is continual, something that is forever.


Jean Michael Basquiat


The inclusion of text in pieces is also a similarity and I love how Trott’s words are almost poetry that can both connect and separate pieces. Each line is separate yet each line is the same. Again we come back to this idea of the work being together and yet is unique. The work can fit together in a massive collection yet the tiniest doodle can stand alone and is contained in its own ability to impress without the need for supporting pieces.

My favorite thing about Trott’s work is how unselfconscious it is. Trott’s art doesn’t search for similarities or comfort in another work. It doesn’t cry out to be accepted by anyone, and yet that’s what draws me in. I love how unapologetic it is. Its brash, fierce, subtle, chaotic and it is beautiful. It is lines with intense precision and it is anarchic scratching. It is peace and it is danger.


Trott manages to invite in the audience to discover a different perspective on life. It allows us to look in on a time full of pain, anger, frustration and the overhang of self-doubt, with his raw textures, scratches, finger painting and emotional words. On the other hand, it also distances us with its monochromatic tones, almost allowing us to see his world, his feelings, whilst staying anonymous. Inviting us in and then giving us the middle finger if we go too far, it is the perfect blend of attitude and vulnerability.

It is not hard to make art. It is hard to make good art. It is even harder to make good art and convince people to look at it.

It has been a long time since I have been genuinely impressed by someone’s art, especially someone so young. Many young artists, including myself, struggle to find what is really “them”. Something to connect to and to throw themselves at and it is completely obvious that Trott’s art defines who he is and simultaneously he defines what his art is.

The talent is unquestionable and passion bleeds from his work. I also love how through the use of Instagram, the viewer is able to watch how his pieces unfold and follow him on the process.

This is a whole new era for artists, where using social media and the internet is massively important if you want people to recognize you, and in a sea of good art how do we choose who to pay attention to? Well… sometimes you’ve gotta work a shitty 12-hour shift to find great art. I’d fold those napkins all over again if it meant everytime I found a great artist like Archie.

Possibly the best part about discovering such a new artist so early is that Trott’s work is massively affordable (I’ve already dibbs some for my wall) and you should too. Supporting such a talented young artist can cost you next to nothing and when he’s huge, you’ve got an original, what more can you ask for?

I can’t wait to work with Trott more, and I can’t wait to become his number 1 collecter!

You can find Archies Instagram at @art.chie_

Big Love,




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