Music V Art

The age old question- which is more important to people, art or music?

I had never even considered my answer, in fact, I actively avoided the debate with myself as I had concluded it was just too difficult to decide.

That was going rather well until over one too many drinks my stepdad he asked me which was more important to me.

At first, I said music, then art, then music again. I couldn’t decide. What determines importance?

Is it a personal connection? Is it the history it provides? Is it the skill involved? How can we say what makes something important or not? Some people believe religion is important and others do not; the point is, this is a difficult question.

But its gotta be answered otherwise there’s no point to this blog.

When I talk about art I’m going to narrow it to anything that could be put into an exhibition space, because obviously there are forms of art that are not in an exhibition traditionally but have equal right to be called art (street art, performance art, modern art etc) but we’re not here for the great battle of art forms.

Similarly, as broad as it is as well, the term music, I am going to narrow to specific music that was created for the sole purpose of listener enjoyment and nothing culty or spiritual. We gone leave that sh*t alone.

The point that can be made is that “everything is subjective”, which, yes is true, you can have that. BUT its also the easy option, and we’re facing this one head on.

I was going to talk only from a personal level but I wanted to see if there’s an actual answer to this question

After reading through several peoples dissertations and studies I came to two conclusions.

  1. Listening to music releases dopamine. A happy chemical. So it genuinely does trigger chemical reactions and therefore physical reactions uncontrollably in the human body.
  2. Viewing art hasn’t been proven to give any biological effect on the body BUT has been proven to help to develop neurological pathways in someone’s brain.

So one makes you happy and one makes you smart? I can live with that.

Art and music are two things that are so cohesive it feels as though without one you couldn’t have the other.

That’s when it came to me.

Music makes us feel and Art shows us what that feeling looks like.

You cannot have one and not the other. Every musical artist took inspiration from artists and artists surrounded themselves with musicians. They co-exist together, as equals.

For some people, music means more, and for others, art means more. Music brings comfort and joy and grief and excitement and a feeling of belonging, as does art.

Completely subjective. Completely different. Completely the same.

In conclusion,

Thank god we don’t have to choose.

Big Love,





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