Where is everyone?

Just me or does everything seem just a little too quiet?…

With every major artist performing at festival after festival the music scene seems to be leaving out their up and coming, and its left a lot of people feeling like they don’t know what their faves are doing.

As always on this blog, I’ve collected together a few of my faves bands and I’m answering the question of “what the hell are they doing?”

This summer is seeing a wave of young bands getting into that recording studio and creating tunes that we can all add to the summer playlist!

Empire Police, Tuscan Sun, The Slumdogs, YUNGBLUD and many others have announced that very soon they will be releasing singles, EPs, and albums?!

Strange Bones, The Covasettes, Idle Frets, The Velvet Hands are just a few who are right into touring all over the country and (in Strange Bones case) worldwide!

Summer is always harder for smaller bands to compete, especially when everyone’s focus is on Leeds, Kendall, Creamfields, Parklife, TRNSMT and various other major festivals that have headliners from the likes of AM, Liam Gallagher, Catfish just to name a few.

Just try and remember to get down to your local bar and snoop out the local talent. Every great band you love was once just a few mates down the local boozer charging £3 a gig, and you wouldn’t turn that down now?

Oasis were discovered in King Tuts and were just “some band from Manchester” so just watch when you say no to going to a mates gig because they’re “just in some band”.

But to conclude, no-one is gone. Music is still grooving, it’s just in recording studios and ringing out in back alleys. So get stuck in, get to that gig, buy that EP, support your local bands, in fact, support every good band. There’s plenty of love to go around.

As for me, Durose is back, and here to stay.

Big Love,


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