We were friends- Faux Pas: Single Review

Faux Pas, a 4-piece indie-alt band from York who are skyrocketing themselves into the industry, with past singles including “I hate dancing” that got a massive 42,000 streams on Spotify, have recently released their newest tune “We Were Friends”.

Known for their “groovy melodies”, Faux Pas have worked with the likes of Micky Dale (from Embrace) and have even played Reading and Leeds Festival, so its no wonder the expectations were high.

The perfect mix of a young Tom Yorke’s vocals, with a hint of Weezer and a big helping of heavy beats, funky riffs, and catchy lyrics. Starting with an upbeat, almost innocent intro, “We were friends” has the reminiscent of every classic summer, teenage-angst love song. Then the drums really kick in and the slightest taste of Nirvana’s “Smells like teen spirit” enters in the heaviness of the chorus, creating a really nice blend of heavy rock and upbeat melodies.

These boys have obviously got talent, and we’re more than pleased to be eagerly awaiting their next announcement, Keep your eyes peeled!

You can follow Faux Pas on twitter @FauxPas_UK and can see their insane video here: https://youtu.be/0vCIzPoP4QI


Big Love,



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