The Covasettes- Top Drawer

A year ago I was at a gig, outside that gig stood 4 (very tall) lads and their manager. After speaking to them for a good while I was handed one of the only 25 copies of their CD. My blog was as brand new as them and I played the whole thing on the drive home. I fell in love. What a band. What a tune. I couldn’t get this insane lyric out of my head.

“And stop me cause I’ve had too much to drink

And help me cause my head and heart are out of sync”

That band was The Covasettes and that tune was Top Drawer.

Already releasing 2 other singles that have done insanely well, headlining sold out shows, being played on numerous radios, winning artist of the week seemingly every week?!

The Covasettes are on the rise, if you need ‘it’ to change the world, these boys have it.

Top Drawer is a summery upbeat song, singing the words we’re all desperate to say. A tale of loving someone you’re probably not supposed to. It’s a song to cry to, to scream out, to play at your summer BBQ. It couldn’t be more perfect.

It’s no mystery to these boys that Top Drawer always has and always will be my favourite, and I’m convinced they’ve released it to stop me pestering.

From all of us music lovers, thank you Covas, for being the band we need.

Big Love,


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