The Covasettes- Wondering Why: Review

A few months ago The Covasettes officially released their first ever single; This Feeling.

I was honoured to be asked to review the single (here) and I couldn’t be happier for the boys as it has reached massive success, becoming Track of the Week multiple times and reaching over 14,000 listens on Spotify.


So here we are again.

On March 9th The Covasettes will be releasing their second single “Wondering Why” and it’s going to blow your mind.

Danny Fearns once said to me “Iz, life comes in two parts before you hear Wondering Why and after it” and he wasn’t wrong.

I’ve seen it live more than once and its a tune to change the world; as Buxton would say “its an absolute anthem”.

Writing real tunes for real people, WW is no different; described as “the most confusing love story ever” the song tells the tale of a love-struck lad watching his girl from afar.

Who said that romance was dead?


Heavy beats courtesy of Buckley and funky bass from Mr McIntyre is the perfect start for the tune, in coming to the intricate riffs of Hewlett and per usual heavenly lyrics of Buxton himself, the boys have really outdone themselves.

A band that couldn’t put more energy and passion into music making has once again taught the music scene that you’ve not gotta be weird to get make your mark, you’ve just gotta be good.


Pure indie anthem, the perfect blend of Catfish, Sundara Karma and Oasis, its a tune that always goes off (trust me on this one).

Interested in seeing it live? The Covas headlines The Castle, Manchester supported by The Empire Police and The Time Sellers, courtesy of Reyt Good Magazine on the 17th of March. Tickets here.

As always I send out my love and thanks to the boys and can’t wait to see this tune making it even bigger than the last, I look forward to reviewing the rest of the tunes that I know are being hidden (for now!)

Big Love,


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