The Empire Police- Fine Lines: Review

There’s a fine line between genius and insanity- so you tell me, is this poetry or profanity?

With lyrics that are out of this world, The Empire Police releases their new single “Fine Lines” this week and let me tell you how good it is.

The intro has all the attitude of the punks, the funky beat has the bop of reggae, and Jordao Bassa’s lyrics are punching up their with Alex Turner.

Seeing these boys live is something else- they get the crowd going wild and it’s one of the only times I (mid-gig) downloaded every song I could of theirs onto my Spotify.

I remember hearing Fine Lines in their set and being gutted when I couldn’t find it anywhere afterwards…and now look at us!

Plenty of heavy beats, intricate riffs, and stunning vocals. Fine Lines has gotta be one of the young band’s best tunes, up there with Taxi Rank and Stop the Clocks.

Attitude. Talent. Passion.

The Empire Police are my favourite new find this year.

I can confirm- Fine Lines is poetry.

Find it here: Fine Lines

Big Love,


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