is this music snobbery?

I went to see my favourite band in summer; The Courteeners at the Cricket Ground. It was amazing,  even after seeing them so many times I still get emotional and have the best night.

This post isn’t about the Courteeners, it’s what I heard. As expected, Not Nineteen Forever for was one of the closing songs, just before it, Liam Fray said that “this is one all the radio stations play, times are a’ changing”. What I assume he meant by this is that The Courteeners are victims of what I like to call “The one I know” syndrome.

Why do I call it that? Because literally, the same gig, as soon as NNF started playing, the girl next to me, who had been miserable and completely still for the whole gig, went “Oh yay! This is the one I know”.

It’s infuriating, for real fans and I, assume more so for the band (as Fray proved).

What I’m trying to say is that I want a discussion. If someone claims to like a band, but only knows their top 5, or worst, top 1 on Spotify, are they a fan? If (like that girl did) you pay over £50 for a ticket to a band, stand for their entire set, simply to hear their one signature tune, do you deserve to be there? Is it music snobbery to expect that if you claim to be a fan of a band you know more than just their top hit?

Heres a list of “The one I know” songs:

Oasis- Wonderwall

Arctic Monkeys- Mardy Bum

The Killers- Mr Brightside

Blur- Song 2

The Whitestripes- Seven Nation Army

Joy Divison- Love will tear us apart

Franz Ferdinand- Take me out

Jake Bugg- Lightning Bolt

The Smiths- There is a light that never goes out

I could name so so so many more, but hopefully, you’re getting my point.

So, here’s the question.

Is is music snobbery to look down on those one hit wonder fans?

Big Love,


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