Official Statement

This was an issue I was not going to get involved with, but on behalf of this blog, me as a person and every other girl affected, now I am.

This statement is a response to the one posted by the Misfires twitter account just over an hour ago; “apologising” for the recently exposed behaviour of frontman Matte Owens.

Matte Owens has been found to be leading on multiple girls, being sexually explicit to underage girls and for being emotionally manipulative.

I could talk about my own personal experiences but I do not feel it is necessary, you only need to read the multiple other stories to discover that all of our stories are near enough the same. However, its time to put a face to the anonymous.

The statement written by “Misfires” was quite frankly insincere, impersonal and lacked any emotional connection with the people it affected.

The claim that all those affected would personally be contacted, so far, is something that I do not believe will ever come. I was affected, and Matte Owens has blocked any form of communication with me, so how is it that they intend to apologise?

I could write about the things Matte has said, the things he’s done, the things he’s lied about and the things he has claimed. I won’t, that’s not what this about.

This is about getting a genuine apology off Matte Owens for every single girl he messaged.

It’s also to say that his girlfriend and his friends should not be contacted in relation to it, after all, it is their own personal choice what they believe and they shouldn’t be held responsible for Matte’s actions.

Finally, and most importantly, this statement is to say that does not condone the behaviour of this calibre in any form. My last post specifically outlined how the safety of women and girls at gigs needed to be protected and Matte Owens can no longer say that he supports that due to his recent behaviour.

I whole-heartedly wish the best for Jake, Mert, James and even Matte. However, I will no longer be supporting them in any way and will be taking down the interview I conducted with Matte Owens.

Big Love,



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