let’s talk about personal space …

I am not one to shy away from sensitive subjects. However, I have tried really hard to not bring politics, both literal and metaphorical, onto my blog. Your opinions are your own and I can respect that not everyone wants to have the arts and politics mix (even though it is becoming increasingly difficult to avoid).


There is one thing that I am quite happy to write about, and that is the safety of everyone, but in particular, women and girls at gigs, and infact everywhere.

Some people have already stopped reading, and that is something I cannot control, but if you’re still here then lets’ get to it.

There is no point me ranting about the inequality between females and males. We all know that, and if you don’t agree then my ranting will not change your mind. What we are going to talk about is personal space in a gig environment.

Let’s make one thing clear.

Catcalling is not a compliment. Groping is not a compliment. Harassment is (all together now) not a compliment.

Recently I attended a gig where numerous girls reported a young man touching them inappropriatly, not leaving them alone and asking them over and over again if they wanted to “get some”. They reported the young man to security and literally nothing was done; I know, I was there.

Now, the intelligent of you reading will understand that this is wrong because it just proves how girls are completely ignored when they try and call something like this out. “Boys will be boys” is still so present, but even more so at gigs.

This lad culture is leaving so many girls to feel completely unsafe at gigs and stops many girls going to see their favpurite artists ebcause they dont want to deal with the “lads” that come to cause trouble.

Okay, so this sounds like a feminist rant. Which it is! But also its not.

Personal space should apply to everyone. I hate it when girls clamber all over me and I hate it when boys clamber all over me. But in both respects you can conclude that “hey, at least theyre not literally sexual assualting me”…. see the difference?

Girls complaining about being felt in gigs is NOT because girls cant deal with being close to poeple at a gig. Its because theres a difference.

I must admit that this post has no real conclusion, but I felt it was so important to address. There is never an excuse for sexual assault, male or female. The fact that so many young girls were ignored when they asked security for help is disguting but so common in so many enviroments.

Gigs do not make sexual assault okay. Just because youre sweaty, passionate and squashed together doesnt make sexual assault okay. Jesus christ, its nearly 2018 and still we feel the need to say sexual assault is not okay? Its not okay.

So here’s what we’ve learnt today:

  1. If someone asks for your help- help them.
  2. Gigs do not make sexual assault okay.

Stay safe out there.

If you care more about this @girlsagainst are doing wonderful things and I’m a big supporter of them.

Big Love,


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