Lost Like Alice- “Headlights” Review

With so many young artists around it’s hard to differentiate between them. New songs are flying about constantly and it’s rare to find one that really catches you.

Ben Parker is a welsh born singer songwriter who’s tunes caught the attention of JP Cooper, who he supported when he was just 14.

I’ve had an exclusive listen to Ben Parker’s (aka Lost Like Alice) new single “Headlights” that is part of his EP “20”.

A song that perfectly nails the balance of personal heartfelt lyrics and gorgeous melody.

Bens music has previously been praised for its imagination and ability to tell a story. Through bringing in his own feelings and experience he is able to create an emotional and meaningful song.

The single reminds me a lot of John Mayers “In the blood” and a lot of inspiration, Ben says, has been drawn from Ian Curtis’ lyrics and his sense of self-awareness.

I will note, however, that the single is not a bop or an anthem, but instead an acoustic, perfect for any chilled nights or late night drives.

“Headlights” is set to be released November 24th and Ben will be playing 3 shows around the time of release.

All information of which can be found on his social media that I will link below.

I can’t wait to see where this young artist’s talent takes him.

Big Thanks to Ben and his team for giving me the chance to hear his single early, I look forward to working with them in the future!

Lost Like Alice-Social Media






Big Love,


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