Single Review: The Covasettes- This Feeling

I could write a normal review for this single.

I have read more than one review of This Feeling, and they all said what I instantly thought when I heard this single months ago.

I could tell you about the catchy melody, funky riffs and next-to-genius lyrics, but I won’t.

What I will tell you, is what this single represents.

We’ve spoken to the Covasettes before; they’re not here to change the world, they’re not here to shock you, they’re not here to talk politics or make noise “with an onion bhaji because it sounds cool”.

They’re here to make music, bangers, tunes, anthems.

This Feeling is all that and more.

Many young bands are falling into the Catfish trap, they copy bigger bands, they have the same lead singer who writes the same song with the same story being told in every one.

The Covasettes, however, represent something new, something fresh.

They might not be something you’ve never seen before, They might remind you of someone else, but they’re not trying to be anything but The Covasettes.

The Covasettes are just making good music. They make the music they want to listen to. They write the songs they could imagine people singing back to them.

And yes, This Feeling is catchy, the beat is glorious, the vocals are unreal and the riffs are amazing. It makes you cry, it makes you dance, its fun and it is important.

The Covasettes are the embodiment of everything we want in a band, in the purest form, they are the band of the people.

I’m so proud to hear this single because it is so amazing and I haven’t stopped listening to it. You don’t need me to talk any more about it, just stick it on ya all time faves playlist.

Big Love,


One thought on “Single Review: The Covasettes- This Feeling

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