an interview with Tiger Tribe

For a long time, I was under the illusion that if you wanted to find new music then Blackpool was not the place to be. People I knew who lived here and started their bands here claimed to be from Manchester and it was almost as if being from around here discredited you of all talent.

Then I found Bootleg.

I’ve already spoken to Bootleg and their sister company Pink Rabbit Events before (find the post on the main menu) and we spoke about how Blackpool’s underground music scene is really pushing through.

Last Saturday I ventured out to Bootleg and found their headline act of the night Tiger Tribe. After being escorted into the “office”- Bootleg I love you, but it was a cupboard- we had a good ole’ chat:

Do you wanna introduce yourselves?

I’m Curtis and I’m on guitar and vocals!

I’m Liam and I play bass!

I’m Jordan and I play the drums!

Where did Tiger Tribe come from?

C: We were like struggling for names cause we couldn’t, like, think of one. You said it didn’t ya? *points to Liam*

J: There’s a tiger teddy in our van!

C: Yeah so we were like… Tiger Tribe.

So how long have you been together?

C: Urm two years? Yeah, bout two years.

How long ago did you start gigging?

J: Ooh god.

C: 7/8 years ago

L: We were in separate bands.

J: These two, brothers, were in another band. Then I was in a different band.

You two are brothers?

*laughing* Yeah!

C: I’m the bigger one… mature one

L: You wish!

C: Yeah but we used to play in secondary school.

Okay, so when did Tiger Tribe start gigging?

L: Bout two years ago yeah

J: Pretty much straight away

C: Ready and raring to go

Where are you three from then? Are you close?

J: Poulton!

C: Kind of, were from Nott End, so were quite far.

Not too far?

C: It’s still annoying though because we like to come to gigs so we have to drive all that way every time to get to Bootleg.

Where are your other gigs then?

C: Liverpool, just played Manchester the other week, wherever we can really, anywhere that lets us in!

Whats the goal, where do you want to be?

C: Everyone wants to make it don’t they? Defo like, Glasto, I’d die happy.

J: Leeds, that’d be awesome.

Music Inspiration? 

C: Quite a few

L: Fidlar

C: What? Oh yeah! Fidlar! American punk bands at the moment, Fidlar, Waves, The Orwells. But also new bands like The Blinders, stuff like that.A mix. Bit of Nirvana.

So do you have a musical leader? The person who pushes it the furthest?

C: It’s all of us really, we all contribute equally to the songs.

How come there’s only three of you then?

C: Well there was four.

J: *laughs*

Aww, theres beef! I love a bit of beef!

C: Honestly like… we had a gig at the Gallion bar years ago and two nights before the gig he was like “Nah I cant do it” and quit the band! So we had two days to practise as a 3 piece.

L: We soldiered on.

C: We nailed the gig and were like ” Fuck it, we’ll just three-piece”

Where can we find you?

L: You can’t yet.

C: Yeah we wanna release stuff but our record label doesn’t want us to yet.

Can we say who the record label is?

C: Skeleton Keys, they signed like, The Blossoms.

Amazing! Have you met them yet?

Yeah, I met them at a gig two years ago and they were basically nobodies.

Now they’re supporting the Courteeners and have their own massive sold out tour!

C: Aw mate.

L: That’s the dream

J: They’re massive

C: That is the dream, were on the same label they’re on so like we can do the same thing

Bootleg then? Why do you play here, what makes you love it?

L: Its underground

C: We kind of stumbled across it like a year ago and were like “fucking hell”, we didn’t know any venues in Blackpool. A few have shut down and there are no real venues in town and then we saw this and knew we had to play. It’s so good here, the sound engineering is good and the bar is amazing

J: As soon as you walk in everyone’s friendly

L: The vibe is amazing. Good vibes all round. And all the art.

J: Yeah I love all the art on the walls. It’s just cool init.

C: Underground yeah. Very “Cabin”.

Best gig you’ve ever played?

C: It might have been here. Last time we played with these last time and another band from Blackpool, it was a great gig.

J: Smithdown was ace as well.

C: Yeah, a festival in Liverpool, that was really good.

L: It’s all down one street. Every venue has live bands on all weekend. We played the Saturday and the Sunday.

Whos your fave underground band at the moment?

C: You go first

L: No!

J: Mines probably the Amazons but they’re coming out a bit more now. They’re just releasing banger after banger. I think they’re awesome, absolutely awesome.

L: I don’t think mines underground now!

C: Strange Bones are good. We played with them before. Awesome. Have you heard of car seat headrest?


C: They’re quality band

L: Great name

C: Blinders, Black Waters. They’ll be loads but you just forget em don’t you?

You mentioned Strange Bones, are you ever going to get political? There’s nothing more political than “Theresa is a terrorist” in Big Sister is watching.

L: We stay away from that

J: Noooo

C: I hate that.

L: Too controversial, divides the crowd.

C: A lot of people take advantage of the platform they’re given and we don’t want to push views on people. I don’t really like it when bands go political. Takes it away from the music. Like Alice Cooper days it the est, “It’s rock and roll, it was built to go as far away from politics as you can get”

L: True, quote that.

Alright, back to you, who writes the songs?

L: Start with a riff don’t we, always start with a riff.

C: We wrote a song two days ago. started with messing about in the practise room and then we build on it, layer it up.

So you guys are together, it’s not one man is the centre of the band?

All: No no

L: That would be ridiculous

C: It’s not like that. were all friends, don’t wanna push anyone out the way

J: Every decision is mutual

L: Democracy!

C: Civilised our band.

Tell me, what the gig that changed your life?

C: I saw pixies at the Castlefield bowl, they were my favourite band ever and they were fucking class. First time I ever saw them. Oh! So good!

L: I saw cage the elephant at Leeds  2014. That was unreal. The crowd…yeah.

J: I think mines probably anything by Jack Garat, I’ve seen him so many times, so many times. The fact he can just stand up there and play everything and not to a basic standard but everything played perfectly. Ridiculous. He’s awesome.

Whats your muse then? Because writing all together it must stop it being personal to one person.

C: Well I really do lyrics. Jordan sometimes does a few songs but its usual people and situations, we said we don’t do politics. I fond it hard to write about anything that’s not people I know or situations I’ve been in. It is stories.

See I’ve spoken to a few lead singers and they refuse to tell the person who the songs about that it is about them. Do you tell people?

C: No. Never *laughs*. I did as a joke once. I wrote a song about a gay friend and I told him it was about him and he got really wound up about it.

L: It was funny though

C: It takes it away from the song. Everyone attaches their own meaning to a song so if you told people then they couldn’t do that.

Whats coming up next then? What can we be excited about?

C: We’ve been writing loads of new songs, the record label wants us back in the studio so we can add it onto like new EPs and stuff. Good to get some new music. We started recording like two years ago and obviously, we’ve changed over a year and a half

EP first then?

C: Single or EP first.

L: We don’t have a clue really

C: Hopefully next year, early next year, late this year.

Next gig, where can people come see you?

C: Here (Bootleg) in November with an American band. That’s all we have lined up at the moment though. Cause we’re just writing songs

L: We’ll probably get somet else before but we just haven’t booked it yet,


Big thanks to Tiger Tribe for taking the time to have a chat, the gig was great and everyone woke up with sore heads and smiles on their faces!

Also big thanks to Bootleg and Pink Rabbit Events who continue to do the Blackpool music scene proud. I can’t wait to work with PRE in the near future









Big Love,






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