there’s no place like home

Blackpool. Home of donkeys, chips, the Illuminations and a tower. The Las Vegas of Britain. The happiest place on Earth, or something along those lines.

Whatever brush my seaside town has been tarred with, here’s one thing I can say unfaltering about this place I call home; we know how to have a damn good time.

At a time where Blackpool is becoming known for our local BGMedia celebrities, the alternative indie scene in Blackpool is pushing hard to keep the legacy alive.

The Empress Ballroom has housed unreal acts including The Stone Roses, The Verve, The Killers, The Fratellis, The Kooks, The Libertines and plenty of others. An iconic venue in what I believe an iconic town.

Just down the road from the Winter Gardens is Bootleg social, an indie rock bar that is helping to keep the spark of good music alive.

I spoke to Pink Rabbit Events, who work in partnership with Bootleg Social to bring some of the best upcoming bands to this brilliant venue.

How long have Pink Rabbit Events been going?

It started as an idea back in April when myself and a friend saw IDLES & Blinders play The Ferret in Preston. The night was marketed as “Ones to Watch” and the idea around, like, seeing two class up and coming bands in a tiny venue for £3 excited and amazed me. Proper grass-roots feel to it.

Why was PRE started?

It was started for a bit of fun for some friends who were SO sick of there being nothing exciting on in Blackpool. The only thing that was really happening was aging rock bands in pubs and the Courteeners on loop. There was nothing fresh, the scene was stale.

It was just frustrating only having one decent bar to go to every week. It started with 2 of us which grew to 4.

It got to the point we wanted to create our own nights out and the people at Bootleg gave us the platform and trusted us to do it, which is why we’ll always do our gigs there and not other venues in town.
Also, it was a good distraction from Uni, shit with girls and just a laugh.
The name came from a song by The National also, not Anne Summers.


How do you choose the bands?

I’m obsessed with new music and the rest of us at Pink Rabbit love it, but I dunno, endless hours of reading blogs, YouTube, Spotify, etc.

We try to pull a big name and compliment them with two local acts of a similar genre that way lifting the quality of the event but also helping the local scene.

Now that Pink Rabbit has grown we have photographers and bloggers recommending bands to us which is really cool.

A lot of people in Blackpool have got right behind what we’re doing and throw bands at us that they want to see and we try to put it together but mainly blogs, social media, and Spotify.

Best part about it?

The money? *laughs* No, erm

It’s a good laugh putting events on and I guess the feedback is the best bit or seeing how many heads turn up.

At our first night, I was in the crowd watching Witch Fever and everyone was saying amongst themselves in the crowd “this is amazing” and that was a proper buzz because we keep our identities anonymous so it was their actual thoughts on it.

Fave new bands?

Blinders, Strange Bones, IDLES, SHEAFS and Black Waters.

In fact, PRE are MASSIVE fans of Strange Bones and what they’re doing… how their events are events and not just band nights. The amount of detail they put into everything they do is so admirable and we admire what they’ve created, and if you haven’t been to an Off The Bone then GET TO ONE.

Bootleg and Bones are a big bit of our DNA.

What is the aim of PRE?

Short-term -to keep putting on good nights and supporting the alternative scene in Blackpool

Long-term -we’d like our acts to get bigger and bigger, see the brand grow and branch out to Preston, Manchester, and Liverpool.

Why are the shows different?

This is a top question!

Our events are different because we’re putting endless hours into discovering these new bands and the quality we’re trying to bring in, it would be so easy to give anyone and everyone a gig but we’re really specific on who plays, they’re all part of a plan, building towards something bigger, it’s not like quick pay days, they have to be quality. 
I’d say the effort into our events too, the amount of work we all do on social media, promoting in person, postering around Blackpool (although we got threatened with fines last time we did that) and yeah, probably the last thing is we specifically target bands on the cusp of going big and not tedious pub bands at the end of their career.


Next event?

Saytr Play, Tuscan Sun and The Atmospherics tomorrow. We have 2 more events in September, a HUGE one in October and another good one in November…  and we’re planning to end the year on something absolutely massive.


Big thanks to Pink Rabbit Events and Bootleg Social, and all the bands who take part in these events.

You can find the details of tomorrow nights event on:

Facebook: Bootleg Social / Pink Rabbit Events

Twitter: @bootlegbars

Instagram:  @bootleg_social / @pinkrabbitevents

Catch tomorrows event @ Bootleg Social (30 Topping Street, FY1 3AQ). Doors open at 7.

@tscnsun @saytrplay @theatmospherics

Big Love,



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