Review: Driftt

Formed last September, Driftt is a 3-piece indie/alternative band from Frome who have already played in Bristol, Frome supporting Misfires and various other venues in their area.

With only 4 songs released on SoundCloud, Driftt have already created a distinct sound for themselves. As always on this blog, I will give my brutally honest opinion but stay with me.

After my first listen of Violet Thoughts and Bitter I found myself feeling a bit lost. Lead singer Alex has a stunning voice, sounding extremely similar to Florence and the Machine and I was living for her husky sound. The guitar riffs instantly impressed me and musically the band were on top form, but I couldn’t help feeling like something was missing.

A few days later I re-listened to all 4 of Driftts available tracks and here’s what I realized. Upon my first listen I considered if there was musically something missing, but there isn’t.

Most music we listen to the lead singer is very stand-alone. Think Liam Gallagher, think Stone Roses, think pretty much every band. The lead is the singer and the music fits them, and here is where driftt is different.

Similar to Garbage, Driftts vocals blend with the instruments, instead of standing alone. Alex beautifully becomes another part of the music and instead of the emphasis being on her vocals, the tracks become a whole, with no one sound being more important than the other.

This, of course, is in no way a critisicm, and instead, I instantly compared the young band to Joy Division. Driftt is beautifully understated. With the clever musical ability and brilliant vocals, the band has a wonderful sound that is so unique and so refreshing to hear.

There is so much potential here and I am so excited to hear what I else they have coming. Like a breath of fresh air, it’s nice to a young band putting themselves out there and not following the crowd.

Although I have not seen them live I’ve been told they’re a great band to see and with talent dripping through the tracks it’s exciting to see where the young band could go with this.

However, after saying all that a few things to consider. The current tracks released don’t have as much power as some of the tunes you may be used to hearing, As I said, the limelight isn’t on the singer and therefore the highs and lows of the tracks are dictated by the music, which may leave you feeling a bit lackluster but this isn’t the aim of this style, so don’t put it down instantly.

Of course as a band who only begun playing this February you have to give credit where it’s due and recording, writing and playing songs it’s a great task that is hard to perfect. With a few things that could be improved Driftt are finding their way, as are every young band and I’m eager to watch how they grow and develop.

Driftt can be found on


Instagram: @drifttband

Twitter: @drifttband

Facebook: Driftt

Big thanks to James who got in touch with me through twitter, and of course to Driftt for sharing their tracks with me.

Big Love,


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