live @ jimmy’s

A 10 minute walk from Piccadilly and I arrived at Jimmy’s, a fab little bar in Manchester’s Northern Quarter, best known for its live music and chilled atmosphere.

Soundcheck had just begun and with the first round (actually the only round, The Covasettes, apparently, cannot play pool) of pool coming to a finish I was getting good vibes all round.

First up were Liverpool’s own “The Wools”. With a Lennon look-alike on guitar, a freshly graduated drummer, lead singer and bassist looking vaguely similar to The Blossoms, “The Wools” chilled tunes and “pop”y melodies meant it was a perfect start to the night.

The band are very new to the scene but the loved-up lyrics were pulling on all our heart strings and as the steady flow of people started to filter in the Tom Odell/Magic Gang feels were a fabulous build up to the next two bands.


Next were M60, a britpop band with a rocky sound and gritty vocals. With covers including 7 from Catfish and the Bottlemen along with their own hit tracks including “Talk”, M60 put the crowd on a whole new level. We went up a notch and these guys had the whole room bouncing and singing along. They also included their newest song “Tides” which had only been completed the day before but it did not fail to impress with lots of accompanying dancers loving that rough and tough indie sound.


Then finally, the band most people were there to see, The Covasettes. After already hearing a good few songs from their set list I was excited to see how they could step it up, and boy did they step it up.

With songs Higher and Three clearly being fan favourites the whole room was up and singing. Their soon-to-be-released single “This Feeling” (yes that’s right, the one revealed on this very blog) was an absolute banger and the crowd were clearly digging the band’s energetic set.

I feel I must add that Hewlett on guitar was extremely ill and had discharged himself from hospital to play said gig but it went completely unnoticeable as the boys powered through the middle of the set. With plenty of boppers and singers all around the room, The Covasettes seemed to enjoy the set the further in we went and we were right there with them.

Big thanks to Buxton for shouting me out right before my favourite, Top Drawer. My thoughts are completely biased to this being the best song Chris has ever written and a total must have on anyone’s playlist. Seriously.

I was promised by manager Danny Fearns to have my life changed after hearing Wondering Why live and I must say it didn’t disappoint. With the final few songs, The Covasettes showed talent, enthusiasm and a love for playing, all of which radiated onto the fans and filled Jimmys with a mutual passion for just being there.

Overall the 3 bands worked brilliantly together to build up the night to its zenith, only to be finished by some great dance moves from bassist Jamie and a killer drum solo by Buckley. The Covasettes, an absolute must see for any music lover out there, the brilliance of the Covasettes is their ability to cover the entire indie scale to cater for everyone, so what you waiting for?


Big Thanks to The Wools, M60, The Covasettes and Jimmy’s for a great night and we hope that everyone attended had as much fun as we all did!

Keep your eyes peeled for more Covasettes fun here on GTMLG!

Photo Credit: @MCGlentworth on Twitter

*Side Note: The Covasettes know nothing about Sharks, Lake Michigan or Route 66*

Big Love,



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