an interview with Quinn

Here’s a new one people! New band, new post, new music!

After my “importance of indie” post (which if you haven’t read, you should) I was put into contact with the lovely Sam Lambeth, lead singer of band Quinn. An indie band with a twist. Heart-wrenchingly sad themes are put to a happy-go-lucky track and they’re some how able to make you dance while simultaneously making you seriously consider your life choices.

I was able to get exclusive access to the EP, lovingly named “Crush” and let me tell you, you’re in for a treat.

Ahead of the release of the EP this August, I spoke to Lambeth to get a quick overview of the EP:

What inspires you to write?

I usually write from personal experiences.

Often, as depressing as it sounds, the tracks will come from a negative place rather than a happy one – I think that’s because when something bad has happened, songwriting is a cathartic channel that gets it out of your system.

You could do the same with a happy moment, but you’re not as game to obliterate those emotions. I’ve been called the ‘grunge Taylor Swift’ before and I can see that – heartbreak is often a key theme!


Why is this EP so important?

It will change lives. Awkward love triangles will become very comfortable orgies. Some divorces will be solved without the use of the courts. It’ll save me from bankruptcy. It’s the only non-grime record Jeremy Corbyn listens to, apparently, so I’m glad I sent him an advanced CD.


I think the EP is important for us as it gives us a clear, identifiable sound, something Quinn perhaps has been lacking. It’s a sound I’ve been trying to get right and distinguish for years and I feel with Crush I’ve finally perfected the formula. I can’t have babies due to a missing womb, so my records are like babies – my first one came when I was too young and silly, the second one was me trying to save a broken marriage, the third was rushed and fucked-up, the fourth was the start of a new family, this one is the golden child.


What’s the EP inspiration?

In terms of lyrical themes, I went running around my old neighbourhood. It’s a small place so my school, friends’ houses and various hangouts were all within walking distances, and I began thinking nostalgically about my youth and the situations I found myself in. That, all of a sudden, sparked off a slew of songs about these adolescent occurrences.


Musically, I also looked back to my earlier work in other bands, something I’ve consciously tried to avoid. But I felt with the record’s themes it felt right. I listened to plenty of my old favourites, like The Lemonheads and Teenage Fanclub, to get in the zone.


Favourite song on EP? Why?

I’m proud of all of them but I have a soft spot for ‘Imperfect Lovesong’. I was worried that it would sound too bare acoustically, but I was trying to capture the innocent charm of Big Star’s ‘Thirteen’. If I’ve come close to that, I will be pleased!


When is it released and how can people hear it?

The EP is released on August 4 through iTunes and physically. I will be donating all the profits to Mind, but if you wanna try before you buy, it’ll be streaming on Spotify and Soundcloud, too.


How long have you been working on this?

Recording began tentatively in September and carried on until the end of January. I knew these songs were the best I’d done, so I put myself through the wringer a bit when it came to the production. I had to get it just right. But, on the flipside, I loved every second of it – I was driving to the studio enthused and with a clear idea of what I wanted. There wasn’t any naivety or uncertainty this time. I’d go out Friday until about 4am, get up, go to the studio, record from 11 till 6, then go home and have a Chinese.


Should we expect a tour soon?

It’s been difficult as fans are already queuing at random vendors across the country just in case.

One fan has been sleeping there for a week so if we announce one she can have hers first. I think it would be unfair on the world if we didn’t tour, but we have to factor in many things – the money we’d take from hard-working people who need that cash for food and memes, the episodes of Love Island  they’d miss watching us, the glitter budget…it’s probably more likely we’d just do one-off gigs across the globe.

The Gabon is first, they’re Quinn mad, they are!



You can follow Quinn on Twitter: @quinntheband and “Crush” will be released on their Soundcloud under Quinn.

Keep your eyes peeled for more updates and reviews of Quinn’s EP from right here on GTMLG.

Big thanks to Sam for sharing “Crush” that he’s worked so hard on with me and giving me the chance to chat and review it.


Big Love,


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