a quick note to say…

Welcome back! And if you’ve somehow stumbled onto this, welcome!

Just a quick note to clear up a few things about this wonderful hub of the arts you have found!

1) This blog is for ALL forms of art. Urban, bands, fine art, photography, theatre (the list, of course, goes on but I hope you’ve caught the jist) which means that…

2) If you don’t like the content of one post do keep an eye out because there will almost definitely be one about something you ARE interested in. Diversity people.

3) If you are offended by the content, language or themes of any of the blog posts then I apologise. HOWEVER do remember that you are just reading some words on a digital piece of paper (sticks and stones ‘n’ all that)

4) Any requests are great. If you would like your artwork, photography, band, theatre piece etc etc to be featured then leave me a comment (it goes to my email before being posted on here)/twitter DM/Instagram DM as everyone is welcome here. Again, diversity people.

I hope you enjoy past and future blog posts as much as I love writing them!

Next post up very soon, keep your eyes peeled kids!

Big Love


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