an interview with Chris Buxton

The Covasettes are a 4-piece indie band from the heart of Manchester’s student town, Fallowfield, who are climbing their way to the top. Finding their feet in the underground indie scene, The Covasettes are led by front man/guitarist/songwriter Chris Buxton.

I spoke to Chris to find out all there is to know about The Covasettes big future:

So “The Covasettes”, where did that name come from?

Nowhere really. I wish we had a story. We were going through names, and there are so many names of bands and, like, all names are taken. So Matt (guitar) just said it, it means nothing in any language; he just said it and we were like yeah cool.

How long have you guys been together?

About 9 months. Feels like a week to me.

For a while it was just me and guitar Matt, and I’ve always been writing songs and we played them together, few open mike nights and shit like that. Then we find drummer Matt and it went from there, and Jamie lived with guitar Matt so he joined in and there you have it.

Is drummer Matt and Guitar Matt going to be a thing?

I think it’s a thing now!

Yeah. It’s confusing me trying to remember whose drummer Matt and whose guitar Matt!

How did you meet?

It was through Uni really and obviously living with Matt, but we wanted a funny story so we tell people that we met on grindr. That’s all fun and games but some people don’t know we’re joking. We did a gig for Fuse FM and someone asked Matt who’s dating who and we ditched that then, cause I mean really it’s not the most bizarre way to meet but that confirmed for us not to. Ever since we were like let’s keep it boring because that’s not worth it, maybe tinder instead?

When did you know this was what you wanted to do?

Me personally? Since I was 9 I had guitars and wrote shit songs, then I got older and did acoustic nights and then I got to Uni and was like fuck it.

I saw Coldplay when I was like 13 and it was those wristbands, and I was like “fuck that’s amazing”, that sort of sparked it. Then a few years later I saw Catfish at Brixton and the room went off and I was like yeah I got to have some of that.

Who’s the most serious in the band?

Definitely guitar Matt, we call him grandpa.

He keeps a stern eye on us; he makes sure there’s not much fun.

He’ll turn up to practise in jumper and slippers, he is like a granddad.

What’s your muse when you’re writing?

I suppose, never about directly anything. When you’re writing a song it’s whatever comes out, with what’s happening at the time, never about one person. Don’t want to give them too much credit. Just clumsy love songs I guess, whatever’s happening just comes out.

Music inspiration? And band’s music inspiration?

Oo, um, tough one. I think different inspirations for different things.

For song writing its artists that tell a story, Arctic Monkeys tell a story, you picture it.

Bob Dylan, Springsteen, there’s so many songs about nothing these days; I like being told a story.

And then for the melodies, any band that can blow the roof off the place, Oasis, make the place go mental. Blaenevon, they supported Sundara Karma, it was anarchy, the whole place went off, and it was insane, like wow. Make a room go crazy, give people a good night, if the fans enjoy it then we will as well.

Our inspirations are all different. Weirdly Jamie, our bass player, was a metal head before all this, in like a metal band and he played guitar so his bass is always kind of riffy. Our drummer is like classic rock and roll and then guitar Matt is on an indie cloud so it all comes together in a weird mix.

We’re not one of those bands that are trying to do something weird, you know, hitting a triangle whist eating an onion bhaji because it sounds cool, we just want to make good music you know? We just want to play good tunes. I think just keep it simple.

First CD/Record you bought?

It was a gift off my dad actually, Pink Floyd- Dark Side of the Moon, that’s a weird album! I was like what the fuck is going on, cause the first 3 songs are like just noise and shit getting hit and then I used to always listen to Coldplay like constantly *laughs* is that bad?

I’d love to be able to say it was definitely maybe and then I wore a parka for a year but, yeah no that didn’t happen. I was singing yellow in the car!

But honestly the first album I truly fell in love with was Catfish and the Bottlemen-Balcony, that’s just like the anthem of my youth I think.

What’s the goal? Where do you see your career and the band in the future?

Probably retire at 30; we’re not after anything crazy. We just want to give people a good gig, a good time, and if they dig our music that’s a bonus.

What’s it like having your songs sung back to you?

Well we’ve not really experienced that yet, in its entirety, I think if we have a good reaction to our new single then we might get that.

Best part about being in a band?

For me, like meeting people. That’s like the sound guy or the promoter, or other bands and the fans, everyone at gigs have the same interest, that’s my favourite thing.

Worst part about being in a band?

Sitting in a car with Jamie! He’s got a phobia of silence I think. He just talks all the time! For hours, in your ears, constantly, till we get to the gig and I’m broken, I’m like a broken man!

You’re giving me a panic attack just talking about it now! But it’s annoying because he’s that good we can’t really kick him out.

Best gig you’ve ever played and why?

In Fallowfield there’s a place called Fallowfield Café, it’s this tiny room, no bigger than your bathroom, but the atmosphere is the best, that’s definitely our favourite place. We love small venues because it’s always bouncing.

But I’m the best thing that’s ever happened to the band!

Is that leader singer ego?

*laughs* Yeah, I don’t know why, but potentially I am the best thing.

Best gig you’ve ever been to and why?

I keep talking about Catfish right, but I saw them at Castlefield Bowl, and it was just immense with flares going off and it was like there biggest gig and… OH actually! I went to Y not festival last year and Sundara Karma were playing and they clashed with a headline band but we decided to see them instead. Their album had just come out and there was only like 20 hard-core Sundara Karma fans and it was anarchy, a revolution of Sundara Karma fans

Now that’s a revolution I could get behind!

Yeah yeah! We met them actually, they did an album signing in HMV and he said I could rip his songs off so if he’s reading then yeah…

 Well yeah now you have full license!

*laughs* Exactly! I have proof now!

So every lead singer has that one song that they dream of writing, what’s yours?

Flame by Sundara Karma is a great song. But some songs, like Live Forever, you aren’t ever going to beat that, nothing will come close to it.

But I’m weird so I listen to a song that like no one knows and I’m like fuck I wish I had written that! Like a band called the Lapelles (but the lead singer died which is really sad) but um they have a song called Snake Hips, and it’s just mega, yeah I wish I had written that.

So what’s your process when you’re writing?

I never write about anything specific. I never chase anything. If I don’t write a song for 2 months then I just leave it cause like something eventually falls out of you, like a song baby, I’ll just give birth to it. Sometimes you write 2 in an hour, sometimes you don’t write anything for months. My dad always said never chase songs; I think Noel Gallagher said the same thing actually.

If it doesn’t come it doesn’t come.

So when you’ve wrote it, what happens with the band?

Well I’ll play it with guitar Matt, once he’s figured out his riffs we’ll take it to Jamie, who doesn’t really care, and then Matt will drum to it and it’ll come together.

It’s like a parliamentary bill, got to get through the stages.

We’ve got a big back log of songs at the minute. Cause guitar Matt writes like half a song and then leaves it so maybe in a couple years when I have no ideas we can use his stuff, the rainy day songs  *laughs*.

We could have a live forever sat there!

What does indie mean to you? Are you guys indie kids?

I mean, we’re not the most indie, yano we have regular haircuts!

I think I would call us indie but when you say indie you think of some guy with a peace sign on his forehead, I think indie rock is such a broad term, I think everyone can be called indie rock you know what I mean?

I mean, I was listening to this interview and Liam Gallagher has never cooked a potato right, random fact, and I mean, people look up to him anyway.

Like, people like him so much they cut their hair like him; I think that shows the effect music has on people. People dedicate their life to Oasis man! So yeah…

Does that not make you want to have a super funky haircut so people can copy it?

I tried! I tried to go long but couldn’t handle that awkward phase, it was too much for me, you know like you can’t do anything with it! I looked like a mop head!

So yeah I scrapped that. Hopefully people will like my personality instead, because it’s not happening with the hair.

So what’s the next thing to be excited about?

Our single! It’s called This Feeling, and it’s just like a catchy, slightly cheesy love song really, it’s a bit bouncy, it’s groovy. We’re always super excited to play that one, Matt said it last week, when we play that it’s like that’s when we know the gigs started yano.

And the next gig?

13th July @ Jimmy’s-Northern Quarter, Manchester. I love Jimmy’s because they put your name up on a sign and I’m just there like mum I made it *laughs*…yeah so there’s that and then there’s um… oh god Danny (manager) is going to kill me! I always forget the dates on stage and he gets so mad. It’s all on our twitter anyway. I can’t even remember my own name half the time. Sheffield 22nd of July maybe? I don’t know.


Final comments?

Choose life. That’s all I’ll say on the matter.

Follow The Covasettes on:

Twitter: @TheCovasettes  Instagram: @thecovasettes  SoundCloud: The Covasettes

Big thanks to Chris for the interview and for all The Covasettes team!

Be sure to keep an eye open in the next couple of weeks for more Covasettes reviews, interviews and releases coming from right here!

Big Love,






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