the importance of indie

The Beatles, The Stone Roses, Oasis, The Rolling Stones, The Libertines,  The Streets, The Smiths, need I continue?

From the backstreets of Manchester, the underground of Liverpool and even the city of London, great bands have saved our lives a million times over.

The latest and greatest to rock the world were Oasis and for a while we were bombarded with Justin Bieber, Pitbull and One Direction being the height of the music world, but times are a’changing.

Indie bands are rising up and the “indie” scene is no longer just for the kids who wear band tshirts and listen to vinyl.

So here is my list of my favourite upcoming bands of the year:

1.  Blossoms

Supporting the Courteeners, The Stone Roses, playing their own tour and multiple festivals, Blossoms are hitting it hard this year, An indie pop band from Manchester formed 2013, who are taking not just the indie scene but the entire music scene by storm. With their debut album reaching Number 1 there is seemingly nothing stopping them and we cant wait to see where it will take them.

Twitter: @BlossomsBand  Instagram: @blossomsband  Spotify:

Recommendation: Honey Sweet and Charlemagne

Blossoms Twitter PP

Picture taken from Blossoms Official Twitter

2. Cabbage

If you’re all up for politics get a load of Cabbage. When I saw them supporting the Courteeners this May, leader singer Lee Broadbent wore a “Free Gaza/Free Palastine” t-shirt. With their VOTE LABOUR bass drum Cabbage sent a clear message, they’re gonna say what they wanna say. From Tameside the band formed in 2015 and have quickly appeared on everyone’s radar. Having a similar vibe to Pink Floyd’s “The Wall” ,their album “Young, Dumb and Full Of…” has a brilliant punk rock atmosphere and is a great listen.

Twitter: @ahcabbage  Instagram: @cabbage_band  Spotify:

Recommendation: Terrorist Synthesizer and Dinner Lady


Picture taken from BBC Article

3. Misfires

Described as “the love child of Catfish and the Bottlemen and The Libertines” -Misfires are fast blowing up the underground indie scene.

With everyone seemingly desperate to be around them, we can’t wait to see whats up next for the young indie band.

The Swindon based band have only been together for a year and already they’ve supported The Hunna, sold out shows nationwide and have played the Isle of Wight festival all this year.

Their latest tour was a huge hit, visiting Manchester, London, and of course their home town of Swindon. With over 40,000 monthly listeners on Spotify the boys are flying and that’s why they’ve gotta be given a mention.

Twitter– @MisfiresUK Instagram: @misfiresuk Spotify:

Recommendation: Come on Over and Do You Wanna?


Photo Credit: Lewis Griffin

Facebook: 3lackoutmedia Instagram: @3lackroom Twitter: @3lackroom

4. DeNova

After seeing these guys supporting Misfires I can’t get enough. A total party from the off, leader singer Kevin has a totally incredible voice but their live performances are far more hardcore than their Spotify will let on. Must-see, must listen, must add them to your summer playlist. The perfect summer vibe to cater for all your indie needs.

Consisting of Kevin (singer/guitarist), Luca (lead guitar), Sam (bassist) and Alix (drums), the 4 guys are a classic example of good hearty Manchester music. They’re latest show is with Airways at Sound Control Manchester on the 3rd of July and though not yet released a tour will soon be officially announced so keep your eye out folks!

Twitter: @DENOVABAND Instagram: @denovaband Spotify:

Recommendation: Rush and Young Hearts


Photo Credit: Sent directly by DeNova


5. The Covasettes

The Covasettes are an Indie Rock quartet formed in the heart of Manchester’s student town, Fallowfield, who deliver their message through effortlessly infectious lyrics and anthemic Indie-Pop guitar hooks all glued together by insistently punchy grooves that you just can’t help but dance to, The Covasettes are an act that you just can’t miss. For updates on music and gigs head over to

Their new single comes out this August so make sure you give them a follow on Spotify to make sure you don’t miss out on some fab new music.

Twitter: @TheCovasettes Instagram: @thecovasettes Spotify: Currently just soundcloud but single will be released under “The Covasettes” so keep an eye out.

Recommendation: She is and Higher

Photo Credit: Directly sent by The Covasettes

So there it is, get out your playlist and get listening. Share them round and get to their gigs. Misfires, DeNova and The Covasettes especially give you a banging night with tickets costing you £5, you just cant say no!

Big thanks to all bands and photographers, all photo credits go to the respective bands and/or their photographers who work just as hard to make them look great.

Big Love,


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